Form I-9 Printable 2020 - 2022

Form I-9 Printable 2020 – 2022

Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification is a USCIS form that is completed must be completed by employees. It is used for verifying the identity and the work authorization of the employee. Form I-9 must be filed by all employees within three days of their hire. If it isn’t filed within three days of their hire, both the employee and the employer will be subject to penalties.

Since it is the employer’s job to keep track of the Forms I-9 and keep it in the personnel files, the penalty is also subject to them. Because of this, employers can terminate employees if they don’t file Form I-9 on time. With that said, as an employee, make sure to file Form I-9 and furnish your employer.

Here is how you file Form I-9 in 2021.

Form I-9, unlike other forms issued by the federal government, isn’t updated every year. Given there is only one purpose and use of Form I-9, it isn’t required anyway. The current Form I-9 in use will be used for two more years. The expiration date of Form I-9 2021 is October 30, 2022. So you can use Form I-9 until it expires. Upon filing a Form I-9, you don’t need to file when it expires.

As for obtaining the printable version of Form I-9, it can be downloaded on the USCIS website but this version can only be printed out so you will have to fill out on paper. If you want, you can file online and print out Form I-9 with your information on it. This is perhaps the most convenient way of filing a paper Form I-9. To get the fillable and printable Form I-9, click the link below.

Form I-9 2021 Printable (PDF)

Note: Form I-9 itself isn’t going to be enough. You must present documents that establish your identity and authorization to work in the United States. Regardless of your citizenship or immigration status, providing these documents is a must. At time time of writing, these are the allowed documents for identity and work authorization:

Work Authorization

  • Certification of Birth (certified copy or original)
  • Social Security Account Number Card
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (certified copy or original)
  • Native American Tribal Document
  • U.S. Citizen ID Card


  • State ID Card
  • School ID Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Voter’s Registration Card
  • U.S. Military Card
  • Native American Tribal Document

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