Fill Out Form W-9 2021 Online

Fill Out Form W-9 2021 Online

Form W-9 provides taxpayer identification number of the requested individual or business of the requester. Fill out Form W-9 2021 online to handle the request without the need for going to the requester’s address. By filling out Form W-9, you can send it via e-mail. This will allow you to file Form W-9 a lot faster and it will be a lot more convenient to furnish the requester with one.

Purpose of Form W-9

Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number is used by individuals and businesses to request and retrieve the correct taxpayer identification number of the requested. If you’re requested to file a Form W-9, you must file because it can only be requested if your TIN is needed.

For example, if a financial institution is going to pay you, it must report it to you and the IRS. Because of this, your taxpayer identification number is required. Since the requester cannot file the corresponding tax form to report income paid to you without your TIN, a Form W-9 must be filed by you.

Let’s say you’re going to receive third party payments and the payer doesn’t have your taxpayer identification number. In this situation, the payer cannot file a Form 1099-K and you won’t be able to report this income on your tax return. So it is important that you should file Form W-9 when requested so not only the requester can fulfill their tax duties but you can also.

Here is how you can file Form W-9 online:

Click here to open Form W-9 (PDF and blank) online.

If you’re filing Form W-9 for the first time, you can also see the instructions on top of the form. On the bottom of the page, you can view Form W-9. Click on the boxes to file Form W-9 and enter your information.

After you’re done filing Form W-9 2021 online, you can then download it with your information on it or print out. Those who are going to furnish their requester via e-mail can download and send it to the requester. You may also be asked to sign the document. Learn more about how to sign documents online.

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